Research has shown that taking time to learn a language stimulates the brain and even makes us more emphatic and quick-witted. It generates creativity and benefits you both professionally and personally. Your confidence will grow and your professionalism will be more evident.

Speaking: You will be immersed in the language (English or Dutch) you wish to improve during conversation lessons and language-based experiences to perfect your pronunciation, vocabulary and expression.

Writing: Learn to localise your words and attune your message, service, product, website, etc. Let me analyse your existing texts and help you create your future words in the target language.

All my learning activities are tailor-made. Contact me to discuss your wishes and we can work out a format or programme that works for you.


If you have written a commercial or creative text, either in Dutch or English, and you would like an experienced linguist to review the text and give you feedback on content, style, syntax, grammar and even localisation, or if you need help with rewriting or editing, just let me know. As a Dutch person you may be doing OK in English, but often you’d overlook things you don’t even know you’re overlooking. A fresh pair of eyes can make all the difference between passable and great.


Every day for me is about finding the right words. Professionally I live and breathe words and I absolutely love writing. I enjoy building the skeleton of the text, filling it with words and fleshing them out, followed by the fine-tuning and refining. Usually followed by a lot of editorial deleting. Professional texts are usually best when they are concise and unpretentious.

Contact me if you are looking for a copy and content writer, specialised in marketing and communication, travel and tourism, (higher) education, art, creative and editorial texts, welfare and healthcare.

No writing job is too small. An elevator pitch, a speech, a preface, a presentation, a job application letter or a CV? Contact me at info@helenpotters.com or +31 (0)6 1117 5054


Translating is my core business. I have over ten years experience in English into Dutch and Dutch into English (UK) translations in all shapes and forms, i.e. websites, brands, books, textbooks, marketing campaigns, course materials, newsletters, articles, essays, annual reports, presentations.

I am happy to take on most translations (providing the source text is not too medical, legal or technical), including large projects. I have loads of experience in marketing, travel and tourism, (higher) education, IT (end user), art, creative and editorial texts, welfare and healthcare.

For more info on my experience and for all queries, please contact me on info@helenpotters.com or call +31 (0)6 11175054