Language services

Welcome! I am glad you found Helen Potters Translation and Text. You have come to the right place if you are looking for the words to get across your product, service, book, article, letter, programme, presentation. I provide the services below in English (UK) and Dutch.

  • Translation
  • Editing and proofreading
  • Creative and copy writing
  • Learning

Translation > Spot-on English (UK) ↔ Dutch translations, specialised in
art and culture, travel and tourism, (higher) education, and consumer web content, including IT.

Editing and proofreading > If you have a commercial or creative text, either in Dutch or English, and you would like an experienced linguist to review the text and give you feedback on content, style, spelling, syntax and grammar, or if you need help with rewriting or editing, just let me know.

Creative and copy writing > Writing is my passion and

Learning > English in all its forms — speaking, listening, reading and writing — is becoming increasingly important in the professional world. Want to improve your English or Dutch? Learn to speak and sound like a (near) native? Contact me for lessons (online or in person), tailored to your specific needs.