About Helen

English in all its forms — speaking, listening, reading and writing — is becoming increasingly important for all internationally minded people and globally focused businesses.

As a rule, the Dutch and the Belgians are well trained in English, but there’s a wide gap between managing just fine and really speaking the language of your target audience to get your message across.

Let me help you! My communication and linguistic skills in both Dutch and English (UK) are excellent and I have over ten years professional experience in writing, editing, translating, localising and teaching in both languages.

RATES My going rate is 40 EURO per hour excluding VAT for writing, editing and teaching. My rate for translations is 0.10 EURO per word excluding VAT, but may vary depending on the difficulty and volume of the source text. Please send me an email at info@helenpotters.com or phone me at +31 (0)6-11175054 to discuss and sort all your language needs.